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2 definitions by soundvirus

1. n. oral sex
2. int. same as 'hey' or 'hello'; usually followed by the word guiuyz, meaning guys
3. adj. cool; stupid; gay; can pretty much replace any other adjective
1. Danny gives dolphins hrey.
2. Hrey guiuyz! what up?!
3. Man, we got an exam in spanish. This is pretty hrey.
by soundvirus May 02, 2006
31 13
1. n. acronym for rest in peace
2. v. to inhale a 'hit' of marijuana
3. v. to cheat financially
4. v. to slap on the neck
1. RIP Tupac Shakur (1971-1996)
2. Lemme get a rip off that joint!
3. That salesman is trying to rip me off by selling me an overpriced car.
4. I ripped him so hard, his neck was red for a week!
by soundvirus April 30, 2006
12 8