Rest in Piss
Used in place of "Rest in Peace" as an insult.
I hope all my enemies RIP
by Gordon P October 12, 2006
To rip: to get up someone.
My teacher ripped me for not doing my homework.

Brad was being a prat so I ripped him.
by Courtney-Jane August 06, 2005
To sharply claw the back of someone's head.
That's a fuckin rip!
by Skin Flute March 04, 2003
a funny individual. Often connotates them being a character.
Jerry Seinfeld is a rip!
by Matt Moen March 22, 2004
to fuck; the way a pussy looks after
I met this girl last night and she already let me rip.
by BoyWonder April 16, 2004
A fake crip gang member.
Look at Roberto. He has Crips written on his hand. Goddamn Rip.
by Dave Romeo April 16, 2005
Means Crip
Rip Ryders & Damus Choose - WSGC
by CP February 20, 2004

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