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excess baggage in ass area. Can also be used to explain a male genital are. New use: if something sucks... it's junk.
"Stop staring at my junk, girl" OR in another way, "All pop music is pure junk, substenceless crap"
by dug August 30, 2003
the screen is the guaze or mesh in the bowl of the bong which stops the cherry falling down the tube, but allows smoke through. should be cleaned or changed when it becomes dirty or charred.
when i pack a fresh bowl i clean the bong screen (cypress hill - hits from the bong)
by dug October 06, 2006
means 'Hello' in jamaican
Wablo Digga!
Hello Digga!
by dug April 03, 2005
a gang of crazy motherfuckers who reside in the northeast, are known to kill people at will
did u see that biy kukoc that nig with the bucycle seat
by dug September 25, 2004
What you ask if you want to know if someone is going to a dance or club alone (stag) or with a date (Drag)
I am going drag to the dance with my girlfriend.
by Dug February 25, 2005
rolling papers that can be ripped to any length required. are often entirely gummed for ease of rolling, commonly used to roll joints.
pass me them rips so i can skin up.
by dug October 23, 2006
to wrongly use a recourse, enter a property or join a gang for the wrong reasons
"never infiltrate"
"our gangs been infiltrated"
"goddamn infiltartors"
by dug June 19, 2006
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