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Short for Rusty Dick Syndrome.

Occurs when someone has extremely dirty and/or inactive genitalia.
Lou cant get girls. He must have serious RDS.

Sorry son, your RDS is too severe. You have 6 months to live.

Ya got RDS.
by Steve K wussup August 24, 2009
Red Dragons. Skateboarding company that makes apparel.
Look at that kid wearing RDS.
by damndumbass August 19, 2004
A serious condition where the affected get the uncontrollable urge to touch or grope those around them however can be treated with a harmless injection.
The man tested positive for RDS
by Spaceship003 April 05, 2015
Restless Dick Syndrome
I am sorry that I cant go drinking with you lovely ladies tonight. Alcohol aggravates my RDS
by knightofzion June 25, 2011
really dumb shit. Can also be used in the medical field as RDS syndrome
Guy 1 walks into a door

Guy 2: Did your RDS just kick in?
by medic_in_training November 10, 2010
I almost fell on my face after trying to stand up from the porcelain god. I read for half an hour after pinching off a hot loaf and my legs were so numb I couldn't stand up. The RDS was so bad i had to use the cripple bar in the crapper just to pull my shorts up.
by Douglasazo January 12, 2006
Short for RED DOT SIGHT, an attachment for most firearms.

This term is typically used in CoD games
me - hey, check out the RDS i got for my GLOCK.

you - cool
by rofl taco November 15, 2010
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