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When a male student in college, high school, middle school, hell even elementary school is sitting in class and for no apparent reason, they get hard wood.

Often occurs in the most boring class of the day. It also always seems to occur right before the end of class, so you look awkward as fuck with your hands in your pockets if you don't have an object to conceal it.
Guy 1: Hey did you see that bro over there adjusting his pants with his hands in his pockets when class ended?

Guy 2: Yea I slipped him my notebook to cover his RCB
#random #class #boner #college #embarrassing
by Con#1 July 06, 2012
RCB standing for Raging Cunt Bastard or Raging Cunt Bitch

someone who brings douche baggery and bitterness to a level never before seen by those around him or her and finds pleasure in doing so
Kyle: Dude, he totally ripped you a new one over nothing.

Shandy: I know, he is such a R.C.B.
#douche bag #prick #pms #asshole #bastard #bitch
by Kale B February 04, 2009

Acronym for "Random Class Boner".

The often embarrassing occurrence, of a prepubescent male being afflicted with a spontaneous, uncontrollable erection.

Applies strictly to classroom situations, but has been adapted by social decree, to be used to describe any embarrassing erection regardless of setting.
Aww man. Double geography with Ms. Webster. Gonna be getting serious RCB's now for the next 80 minutes.
#rcb #random #class #sex #erection #boner #wank
by Fuck Offcunt May 14, 2011
Real Crazy Bastard

Somebody who leads a hedonistic lifestyle and doesn't care about consequences.
RCB = Real Crazy Bastard

Some famous RCB's include:
Amy Winehouse
Pete Doherty
Steve Coogan
Russell Brand
Curt Cobain
#r c b #illegal substances #jazz eye #raves #alcohol
by Genuine RCB May 26, 2009
RCB (arsey-bee) - has a direct translation of Robot Clone Bimbo it is the opposite stereotype to an Emo (emotional person).

I would also like to point out that I created a stereotype paradox.

I thought since I, Carrie Cruickshank, had made it up during a heated debate on contradictory stereotypes, on 11th February 2007, to prove a point and it has spread like wildfire since then. Since I started it I have heard it repeated in the wrong context I thought that it would be my responsibility to clear up its origins and meanings.

If anything I believe that stereotypes shud be noted and created at will as this way eventually stereotypes will cease to be used as insults. I am truly sorry if this becomes another hurtful stereotype as it is only meant to take the heat off of people who do express there emotions.

It is a name for complete non emos. To summarise when called an RCB technically it means an emotionless, follow the crowd and a not so smart individual but to be honest it was made up by me accidently.

and finally remember G.I.N.A.S.F.S. - "Gay Isn´t A Synonym For Shitty" said by Peter Wentz and is the title for one of Fall Out
Boys new songs on Infinity on High (album, 2007).

Carrie Cruickshank Against Bullying Forever.
An RCB technically it means an emotionless, follow the crowd and a not so smart individual but to be honest it was made up by me accidently.

Robot: refering to an emotionless machine.
Clone: A copier and a person who would do anything to be like everyone else.
Bimbo: normally a woman who is said to be not very smart but can be substituted with the male: Himbo.
#robot #bimbo #clone #fall out boy #infinity on high.
by Carrie Anne Cruickshank February 11, 2007
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