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Hater #1: Yo look at that fat muther fucker over there.
Hater #2: Which one?
Hater #1: That FRB with the front-butt
Hater #2: Fo Sho Nigga
by Con#1 June 24, 2012

When a male student in college, high school, middle school, hell even elementary school is sitting in class and for no apparent reason, they get hard wood.

Often occurs in the most boring class of the day. It also always seems to occur right before the end of class, so you look awkward as fuck with your hands in your pockets if you don't have an object to conceal it.
Guy 1: Hey did you see that bro over there adjusting his pants with his hands in his pockets when class ended?

Guy 2: Yea I slipped him my notebook to cover his RCB
by Con#1 July 06, 2012
The spot in the McDonalds drive through where you receive your food.
Boy I was glad I finally made it past the McRed Zone and got in the McEnd Zone.
by Con#1 July 11, 2012
The spot in the McDonalds drive through line in between the window where you pay and the window where you get your food. Often times there is a huge delay when you get here.
My God I have just paid and I am only one car away from my Mickey D's. Now I must endure the McRed Zone. I hope I make it there before the world ends.
by Con#1 July 11, 2012
Born William Fontaine de la Tour Dauterive, Bill is Hank Hill's overweight, divorced, stupid, and often mocked friend in the hilarious show King of the Hill.
bill dauterive: I have a confession too Hank. In a moment of weakness on a dark rainy night I slept with Peggy.

hank hill: No you didn't Bill.

bill dauterive: I know
by Con#1 November 10, 2012
Yet another way to call someone a fucking dumbass.
Person 1: hey man look at that douche-bag with the popped collar who is wearing aviators inside at night.

Person 2: He's not playing with a full deck
by Con#1 July 16, 2012
To make the Mchashy, you go to McDonalds during breakfast hours. You order 2 hash browns and either a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit or a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit. You then put the guts from your biscuit of choice in between the two hash browns and BAM you have a Mchashy. It is guaranteed to taste better than sex and raise your bad cholesterol 25 points.
Dumbass: McDonald's breakfast sucks
Me: Have you tried the Mchashy
Dumbass: What the hell is that
Me: Read the definition dumbass
by Con#1 August 10, 2012
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