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The act of pursuing a person of sexual interest. Almost always with the intention of scoring a hook up.
Dude, John's been questing on her ass all night.
by Fuck Your Couch Eddie Murphy December 03, 2008
39 8
Embarking on what is initially a simple errand but ends up becoming a huge hassle.
Eric went questing 40 miles round trip to find a liqour store open past 10:00 o'clock in Podunk, Indiana. After completing his quest he was so delighted, he drank the liqour from a brown bag until he became unconscious.
by Jerrod from Subway November 12, 2012
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Questing is the verb used amongst fans of the redshift and Zarista Games to describe the acts of playing their PC and iphone game The Quest.
I can not wait for the next Quest expansion to come out so i can start Questing again.
by jamie9900 September 27, 2011
3 3
The act of playing EverQuest, an online role-playing game similar to World of Warcraft, often for hours at a time.
Ali: What is Eric doing?

Rhonda: Questing.

Ali: Still!?

Rhonda: Yes, he has been Questing all day.
by Eric's wife May 09, 2009
4 5
when a girl is and has been trying extremely hard to get a friend of yours into bed.
is that jay? yeah she's on that quest for lj jays been questing for a while now.
by King Dre Skii November 22, 2010
0 2
the act of going on a quest
one time we went questing
by thingtwo235 June 21, 2006
5 15