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When a gay guy wheres an earing on his right ear and his right ear only
Wow that guys super homo i can tell cuz of his queering
by dudeimthebest January 07, 2009
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queering is a sport in which you question peoples sexuality from a car window

Mag: "look at that wankster what is he wearing"
Jen: This looks like a queering(Yell out window) "QUEER"
by McBee August 10, 2006
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To have forcible anal sex with another man while holding him down. (like in the movie Deliverance)
Ike and Billybob gave the Yankee a good queering for trespassing on their property.
by J Dogg June 27, 2003
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Forcible anal sex given to a man, usually by a group of 4-5 men, not for the purposes of enjoying the experience, but to teach the victim a lesson or punish him.
If Jerry passes out at your house again, lets give him a good queering.

If you touch one more of my french fries, I'll give you a queering so hard you'll be limping for weeks.
by Toad July 27, 2004
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