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18 definitions by Arielle

No, they were not all created around 1960. mine was created in 1906. and no, you are not required to attend high school until you are 18. You may drop out when you are 16.
but good definitions.
i aplaud your efforts
High School. mmm tasty.
by Arielle December 22, 2005
An amazing friend who all the guys love... Vered is her coolest friend, of course, but arielle is definitly one hot chick!
Arielle is sooo hot! i want her
by Arielle February 26, 2005
a person who eats,drinks,and or swallows sperm
my cousins a babyeater
by arielle January 29, 2005
First of all, anyone who calls themself "emo" is obviously a poseur. Emo kids are usually called that by other people, and they just don't fit in. They like Fugazi etc. or more modern post-emo music. Emo kids tend to wear really tight pants black-rimmed glasses, and hang out with either the druggies, or the straight edge ones hang out with themselves. Ultimately, an emo kid is a person, usually a teenager, who is still trying to find out who they are, so they want to be like the angry or sad music they listen to because they can relate to it.
the few kids who sit in the corner of the cafeteria alone, ignore everyone else unless they're making fun of them, and still have fun.
by Arielle May 16, 2004
pussy-eating-lips, guys with big juicy lips
eat me out w/ those pels
by arielle January 29, 2005
Trom is a common name used for weed.
lets smoke the trom tonight yo!
by arielle August 16, 2004
one who thinks that they are better than everyone else. Then goes on a huge anger spree and is mean to people just because they think they can be.
Adi Benami is on a huge ass power trip, she thinks that she is better than everyone in her school because her brothers slightly hot. Shes also in 6th grade and wears big ass panties all the fucking time. Love ya ADI- psyche
by Arielle May 13, 2004