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A township on the outskirts of Melbourne in the forested Central Highlands region. Once the home of wealthy retirees and people who choose an alternative lifestyle. It is now overrun by crass 'westies' and tattooed rednecks.
Probably the most over-policed township in Australia. An example of how far it has fallen is evidenced by the fact the Post Office is located in the Pub; one has to walk over vomit puddles to check ones mail.
I sure hope this beautiful township of Maldon doesn't turn into another piece of shit like Blackwood!
by SvetlanaBabe October 10, 2010
(and surrounds) is a town about one hour east of Melbourne. 98% of the population are dirt poor. 'Richies' live in either Ballarat East or around Lake Wendouree.

The rest of the population are either bong smokers and/or unemployed.
The town has a huge problem with drunk and unemployed men prowling around at night.
(Ballarat)(bong) (melbourne)(unemployed)(prowling)(drugs)
by SvetlanaBabe October 06, 2010
The embarrasment of Australia. A place where it is almost mandatory to weigh 300 kg. Young people in Queensland either get out and wisely migrate south or recently get busted smuggling drugs and spend 30 years in an Indonesian Jail. Queenslanders, generally are proud to be stupid but are secretly all jealous of Victorians. Queenslanders largely live in Caravan Parks/Trailer Parks.
We have our own 3rd World in Australia, it's called Queensland.
by SvetlanaBabe November 22, 2010
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