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A loving and fun term by which some transgender women and male-to-female children refer to their penis. From feminizing hormones, or lack of testosterone poisoning in kids, the queenis is recognized as a purely feminine organ by its owner and their intimate friends. While some trans females wish to remove their penis, those with a queenis take ownership and redefine their relationship with it, to diffuse our eliminate any sort of gender dysphoria that might result from regarding it as a male organ. In adults the queenis can be a source of great pleasure to the transwoman and her partner since it can become much more sensitive than it's former state due to hormone replacement therapy.
I told you, sweetheart, it's not a penis, that's what males have. I'm a female, and therefore mine is referred to as a queenis. It's a purely feminine organ.
by TranswomanErica April 06, 2015
A queenis is a very small, almost girlish penis, that occurs when some guys have hypoglandular secretions in their metabolism. You need hormones to have a real dick.
Despite years of trying, the best Phred could manage was a small, limp queenis.
by Jacques Asse May 01, 2009
(n) a Homosexual male who cheats on his male partener for a turkey
That queenis left me for that skank
by Hommie G Foshizzle June 25, 2004
A girl who acts surprisingly like a gay man
Wow, that girl's acting like such a queeni
by The.Happy.Emo July 06, 2006
A transvestites or Drag Queen's penis.
Adding to the new word Savage (a transvestite, i.e, Lily Savage) A drag queen, man in women's clothes A man dressed as a woman must surely have a Queenis when in his lady role? Quwee, Drag Queen/Savage, having a wee!
by SMAX6A September 07, 2010
a gay mans penis
'Went to a gay bar last night.....plenty of Queenis there'...... Stick your Q in my A.......haha
by EmmyD July 15, 2011
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