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Your boss with a hunchback
"MaryEllen", Did you smell Quasimodo this morning? I hope she's not coming to work today.
by red headed stepchild December 13, 2007
5 10
Another name for your penis. Job is to attend to his bells (balls).
Alright Quasimodo, thats enough exploring for today go back and attend to your bells.
by William_Shakes September 10, 2007
18 23
A primitve form of the shocker, only with a slight hand to crotch varation, where the pinky, ring and middle finger are clenched tightly togther, and the index finger is slightly humped up, wallowing up against but not fully inserting itself into the anus.
My buddy Yoda was pissed at his woman so when they were going at it he slipped her the Quasimodo to piss her off.
by CWood December 02, 2003
1 23