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(Ka-ASH-and-PRY-zes) - your junk, your privates, your twig and berries, ouch
She kneed me right in the cash and prizes and took me to the ground
by CWood December 01, 2003
Parking your vehicle in a position that allows you to quickly leave the location if need be.
Me and Pedro rolled up to a ghetto ass bar so we parked in the hit and run position in case we needed to get the fuck out of there quick.
by cwood March 20, 2006
After a long night of very vigorous sex sometimes the male will feel the burning sensation from his dick being raw. This is known as buck rub.
Justin fucked that bitch so long last night he has buck rub this morning.
by cwood March 20, 2006
The same thing as a new jersey meathook, only when it's below freezing outside
So me and the broad got home from christmas eve shopping and she let me slip her the old Alaskan Walleye...I must have been a good boy
by CWood December 02, 2003
A primitve form of the shocker, only with a slight hand to crotch varation, where the pinky, ring and middle finger are clenched tightly togther, and the index finger is slightly humped up, wallowing up against but not fully inserting itself into the anus.
My buddy Yoda was pissed at his woman so when they were going at it he slipped her the Quasimodo to piss her off.
by CWood December 02, 2003
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