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an insult directed at a person with a hunched back. derived from the movie Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Yo Quasimodo, your shoulders sag more than an old lady's arms!
by KRHimself July 17, 2005
Quasimodo Qua si mo do : is the protagonist of 1831 novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Quasimodo was born with severe deformities, like his infamous hump, Quasimodo was abandoned on the doorstep of Notre Dame on a Quasimodo Sunday (hence the name). He is often thought of as the epitome of "ugly", i.e. he is the antonym of Paul Gregson. He is also the subject of many shit jokes. Like this one.
Synonyms of Quasimodo: James Greenhalgh, Paul Green, Justin Baker, and generally anyone who isn't Paul Gregson
by Oxford Oxfordson October 24, 2006
Quasimodos are the best way to get drunk ever, especially when you're in a big group! The Quasimodo drink has two parts, the Quasi (lemonade flavour alcho-pop) and the Modo (shot of apple sourz). You take one sip from the bottle, just enough so there's room for the shot. Then once the drink has mixed, it's time to Quasimodo!!! In a big group the lead wizard shouts 3, 2, 1 then the whole group shouts as loud as they can QUASIMODO!!!! Once you've strawpedo'ed the bottle's content you place the empty bottle on your head and shout WIZARD!!!!
Fancy a Quasimodo? YES LAD! 3, 2, 1 QUASIMODO... DRINK... WIZARD!!!
by SSHES Wizard! September 28, 2014
Approaching someone wearing a hooded sweatshirt, and then stuffing the hood part down the neck of the sweatshirt. The end result looks like a hump on the person's back, hence quasimodo.
Oh shit, that kid has a hoodie on! Give him the biggest quasimodo of his life.
by Show Yo Wang March 03, 2006
A photo uploaded to Facebook which is so extra-ordinarily bad/inappropriate/unfortunate/embarrassing that you are left with no choice but to de-tag yourself.
Steven: "Maria, where were you last night?"

Maria: "Just out with some friends, how come?"

Steven: "You might want to check your Facebook, there are a couple of quasimodos up there."

Maria: "Aw shit, now I'll have to de-tag, and I hate people who de-tag."
by stevied! March 19, 2012
v. slang for an extended period of masturbation.

Sitting in your bell tower, hunchbacked, making a squinty face, and ringing your bell all day and all night long.
After John's girlfriend dumped him, he disappeared. I think he was quasimodo.
by swivet February 06, 2010
When you are playing basketball and you do a "behind the back" move with the ball to dazzle defenders.
"Mario Choto" pulled the Quasimodo on the court today, he was unstoppable.

The Quasimodo is one of the finest moves to put some points on the board.
by SpenceStab May 12, 2011
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