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A dreadful "community based" club in Lancaster where it is possible to find the very worst of the irritating middle class, over-educated, "alternative" and politically correct inhabitants of that town along with their hideous offspring.
Even though it seems to be, and would like to be thought of, as a haven for "good people", in reality it is Gregson uber alles.
Cheap to hire though.
"I liked the look of her until she opened her mouth and then it was obvious she was from the Gregson"
by nick October 05, 2005
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To order a drink for a person which that person must drink and pay for.
I just went to the bathroom and ordered another round. You just got Gregsoned!
by tree.horn March 29, 2011
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For the vast majority of visitors in Lancaster, this is simply a pleasant pub that serves a few real ales and has an open fire in the winter. However, opening any one of a number of the wrong doors can result in being subjected to some form of interactive multi-media contemporary dance installation project.
I enjoyed drinking a pint of Black Sheep at the Gregson before sitting though a nine hour slide show presentation about the orphans of Mozambique in the back room.
by Ralpharama December 21, 2006
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