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the thing that you hit hippos with
Thats a quail.
by Quail December 21, 2003
a girl who gives it up easy
Man 1: Dude, there are so many quails here tonight.
Man 2: Yeah this place is freakin' quail city.
Man 1: Let's get it done.
Man 2: Word bro.
by AMK August 05, 2006
A word used to express a confused or surprised remark.
Gah! What the quail?!
by n o r t h July 18, 2006
1. An excited exclamation, as in joy or...excitement.
2. An agitated exclamation, as in anger or frustration.
3. A surprised exclamation, as in...a surprise.
4. A monetary unit.
5. A mad sexy bird. (literally, a bird. it looks kinda like a turkey.)

Quail is pronounced either in 2 syllables (kuh-WAIL!) or 3 (kuh-WAY-ul!)
1. QUAIL!! I won the lottery!
2. QUAIL!! God hates me!
3. HOLY QUAIL!! You surprised me!
4. That'd be 10 quail, yo. Pay up.
5. HOLY QUAIL ITS A QUAIL!!! (no, its dick cheneys friend.)
by Ballibay August 14, 2006
a cross between sweet and cool
you are hellaz quail
by funk massta hizzle June 02, 2004
A Quail is another way of callin someone a P.I.M.P
wow, 7 girls!? your a genuine QUAIL!!!
by Don Q January 14, 2004
To cry or whine in a manner that lowers the perception of your relative online maturity.
Coattails had the QQ_Quail, then some Alb guild stole it. Everyone quailed about it for days.
by The Ferret December 17, 2003