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Nothing to do with the bird, a quail is a generally lame or incompetent individual who is put into a low group by more powerful people. When called a quail, the person should generally feel bad, considering that it represents a disliked type of people.
Also, quails eat excessive amounts of food at their ginger friends house.
Abby: Carsten, you're a quail! You eat all of our food!
Carsten: No you are, meany!
Abby: Don't argue with me, quail-peasant.
Carsten: *sobs* Fine.....
by ArandomGinja July 01, 2013
A general word meaning just about anything you want it to in a conversation. Can express contentment, relaxation, insults, or even happiness. Meant to confuse the listener and amuse the speaker.
Man, Quit being such a quail.

You want to come over and quail it up today?

Man 1: Dude, Jenny is being such a bitch

Man 2: yeah, really quailing over there
by str8sk8 July 20, 2011
another word for "cool"

also can say "quailure" as another word for "failure"
"haha quailure!"

"shut up!"

"dont worry about it, its all quail"
by ilsicnasty<3 March 26, 2010
a quail is a girl or boy who is to young to have sex derives from the word jailbait
look at those quailers qualing it out.
or im getting some quail tonight.
by goddie October 01, 2007
combination of the c word(cunt)and whale. usually a larger woman that has characteristics that go beyond just being a bitch.
That quail just budged in line and got the last muffin.
by kolson July 10, 2008
The noise made by one's bottom after eating rich food.
"After eating Chris's cooking, my arse was quailing all night"
by weirdbeard September 17, 2007
To cut hole in somebodys neck and put a penis in it and cum.
Dude, lets go quail that babe over there.
by xxcrissxxwii August 12, 2010