The improved version of jailbait. Shortend version of "Quailbait" Referring to a fit girl under the age of consent, when you are over the age.
Bennett got himself some quail. Get a quail on. Mate that girl is bare Quailbait. Flock of quails at 10 oclock high.
by Peesh March 09, 2009
Something that is completely obscure and awesome, known to a select few. A word only used by people who are also Quail.
Have you seen that guy? He's totally Quail.
by SabbathJustSabbath December 22, 2010
A term in which random people would use to release their feelings in random forms.
Hey you wan'na hang out tonight?

by xxquails626xx August 01, 2009
nickname for some one in which you do not like and it is unknown to them.
yo did you sea the quail today look like she gained a few pounds.
by the quail cacher November 18, 2011
When you're eating a girl out while she's in a doggy style position and she farts, making your hair stick up like a quail.
I'm using extra shampoo because your mom quailed me last night.
by flynt169 June 23, 2010
verb: to recoil in dread or terror
(Merriam-Webster online Dictionary, 2007)

also used colloquially to denote fear in someone regarded as a wimp, wuss, candy-ass, etc.
brave person: "ooooh look at that spooky old haunted house"
wimp: "ahh! i don't want to go in there"
brave person: "stop quailin'. let's go"
by bohemian February 20, 2007
Nothing to do with the bird, a quail is a generally lame or incompetent individual who is put into a low group by more powerful people. When called a quail, the person should generally feel bad, considering that it represents a disliked type of people.
Also, quails eat excessive amounts of food at their ginger friends house.
Abby: Carsten, you're a quail! You eat all of our food!
Carsten: No you are, meany!
Abby: Don't argue with me, quail-peasant.
Carsten: *sobs* Fine.....
by ArandomGinja July 01, 2013

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