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The funniest pimp in the world, appears on family guy
example 1-Quagmire:hey does this look like a q to you?

example 2-Quagmire:if i could rearrange the alphabet id put "u" and "i"together.....alright

example 3-Quagmire:Giggity Giggity Gitty...alright
by OWNAGEMASTER March 28, 2006
23 75
A ho that has been used at least three times; a three time used ho.
Jen was dropped like a used ho, therefor making her a quagmire.
by The number one beast August 20, 2005
9 80
a stupid and petty little group of children who seems to think these definitions he puts up here are meant to make us feel bad. just save it. you're all pathetic.
go superquagmire! awayy! omg, you're all such cocks,james, joe, simon, luke, craig, and mike. you know who you are, now go away you cock sucking, pony humping pricks.
by moose February 10, 2005
17 130