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1. another word for "kiss"

2. an expression of love
"Gimme some sugar, bay-bee!" Mmmm-maH!
by Jiggy-Fly May 29, 2004
An affectionate term for a specific kind of underpaid, overworked (often by volition), increasingly underappreciated indentured servant, otherwise known as a Software Programmer.

Derrived from the Latin-Greek "Codex" and the Obsolete-Japanese "Donkey Kong San"
"Socrates says we're all just expendable code monkeys, sitting here in the late Tokugawa period. . ."
by Jiggy-Fly December 22, 2003
3) Footballer Jerome Bettis (wit the Pittsburgh Steelers at the time of this writing)
And here comes The Bus plowing through the defensive line. . .
by Jiggy-Fly December 22, 2003
1) A reference to the closing of a business deal, post-fact.

2) A misnomer in reference to the closure of a business deal. Often accompanied by a handshake and a) sans written contract, or b) with contract containing too many variables. Precedes checks bouncing, "personnel realignment," budget adjustments by the committee, re-proposals.
1) It's a done deal, and it went through last month.

2) It's a done deal, and it'll go through soon.
by Jiggy-Fly December 22, 2003
Archaic, less sophisticated (but no less complexly arranged) music accompanying early 8-bit video game system software. Not applicable to anything past 64-bit systems. Not limited to Nintendo's hardware/software systems.
Atari's TAPPER
TETRIS in any of its variations
The original SUPER MARIO BROS.
by Jiggy-Fly December 22, 2003
1) figurative: A difficult situation with no easy, forseeable resolution.

2) Any such condition that results when a country deemed a Superpower wages limited, conventional warfare against guerillas, in Asia.

3) Any such condition that results when "nation building" by a self-appointed Superpower involves the creation of a Western-style Democratic government from scratch in a Non-Western civilization.
1) "I'm standing in a muddy field in the middle of a Seattle rainstorm. It's a _quagmire_, alright."

2) U.S : Vietnam :: U.S.S.R. : Afghanistan

3) Iraq, circa April, 2004
by Jiggy-Fly May 29, 2004

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