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Someone who is annoying, ugly and someone who tries to be like everyone else. To describe someone who you highly dislike and have no respect for. Someone who is dumb or disgusting.
Catie and Brittany are qwerty's. Or "What a qwerty!"
by DinoDick November 23, 2006
3 17
just the fucking first letters of the keyboard, dunno why some bastards ade a piano company with it... they were kinda imagination-free
qwertyuiop (full name)
by Bobby the Blobber March 08, 2003
10 27
-to have an elongated aparatus attached to your forehead and pleasuring your best friend with it.
-to do something on accident on purpose.
I just peed on you.....but i only did it on qwerty. SORRY!!!
by bread infection December 30, 2005
13 32
QWERTY is just a name for the type of keyboard u guys are using!!!! it has no other meaning,
My Graphing calculator does not use a qwerty keyboard!!!
by David June 27, 2004
15 34
another for weird or strange
your acting qwerty today
by denice lovett January 24, 2004
5 25
QWERTY means laugh out loud or LOL or hahaha
Alex: The hippo fell off the wall.
by THE MOOSESTER April 04, 2009
0 23
a baby eating priest
you: what's up man?
me: i found out father jones is a qwerty.
by kevinnnnn September 11, 2005
20 43