another for weird or strange
your acting qwerty today
by denice lovett January 24, 2004
QWERTY means laugh out loud or LOL or hahaha
Alex: The hippo fell off the wall.
by THE MOOSESTER April 04, 2009
a baby eating priest
you: what's up man?
me: i found out father jones is a qwerty.
by kevinnnnn September 11, 2005
is what my balls feel like when i don't shower for days
please suck my qwerty balls tou qwerty BALLSUCKER
by Lil' Willie August 13, 2006
To feel torn between being a baller/hanging out with friends and sleeping/being lazy.

(originates from the top row of the standard American keyboard.)
Christie, I feel qwerty. Grant really wants to get drunk and go hot tubbing yet, i kind of feel like staying home.
by Kaelen December 22, 2005
cute + flirty + quirky; a rare combo
she's so fun to be qwerty!
by Emily Rogers November 21, 2004
something people type when they cant think of anything
it has been said to be one of the top passwords used
when i am bored, i will randomly type qwerty
by FLuffy June 03, 2015

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