a keyboard ment to be the most time consumming but easiest on the keys (invented during the type writer keyboards)
um... Qwerty
by Qwerty April 19, 2004
(n) 1. a generic name for a computer geek
Tony is such a qwerty, it makes me want to strangle him with his beloved keyboard.
by Paul Lemon March 30, 2004
an adjective used to describe a fuckin mark.

definition for marks: derogatory term used to explain a sub par item/s on a person/persons.
"yo would you hit?"
"nah man, her ass mad qwerty about it. fuckin trick. YERP! fuck you then".
by omar tucker December 01, 2006
Laugh out Loud (LOL) or Hahahahaha. A word used to say its funny.

She said QWERTY on aim.
by Uno the Beagle February 14, 2008
First 6 letters on the keyboard. Can be used as a slang name, or insult
Damn I hate that qwerty
by Someone November 09, 2002
(adjective) pronounced kwer-tee; the feeling of awkwardness (invented November 2007 by Katie Michelle Young); otherwise referred to as the arrangement of keys on a keyboard or typewriter first designed in 1868 by Christopher Sholes
When you are talking to someone and suddenly no one says anything, this feeling of awkwardness is referred to as qwerty. This situation is qwerty.
by Katie Michelle Young November 16, 2007
A clever ruse, in which a male tells another person (male or female) that he has alot of quarters in his pocket, to creep them out by having them touch their penis. He then tells victim to feel all the quarters. Slowly he has the person move his hand towards the inner thigh, untill the victim suddenly understands what's happening.
James: "Hey Aidan, I have alot of quarters in my pocket. Want to feel them?"

Aidan: "Sure! This sounds like harmless enjoyment to me!"

James: "There's more to the left"

Aidan (akwardly): "What the fuck, that wasn't a quarter!"

Dayum, James just pulled some mad Qwerty on Aidan!
by Crusty Kovacevic August 21, 2006

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