1) First 6 lettters on a keyboard/typewriter

2) A word simular to "r@ygold" which is used on P2P networks, it is unlike r@ygold ,which is the code for child porn, qwerty means incest or simular
only the that fucktard would search for qwerty on kazaa/winmx
by Iorek December 23, 2004
Random letters on the keyboard that someone decided to make a word
Person 1: You are such a qwerty!
Person 2: What does that mean?
Person 1: I'm not quite sure...
by California Dreamer 1271 July 07, 2011
the first 6 letters on a keyboard...if you're bored on AIM just say "QWERTY!", it's a sure fire way to break the ice in any conversation!
You: Yeah...

Them: Yup...so...

You: ...

Them: ...

You: QWERTY!!!

Them: Haha, indeed.
by Emily the Sexy Scenester July 06, 2005
Noun. An obvious password. An easy password, easily hacked.
Bob decided to use the first six letters on the keyboard, qwerty, for his password, and a hacker guessed the password on the first try. Sucks for Bob.
by Kelly Anne and Kelly Ann January 18, 2007
The 6 letters on the keyboard, on the top alphabet row, from left to right. People usually write this or search it in Google when they are bored.
Person 1: *types qwerty in google*
Person 2: Wtf?
Person 1: I'm bored.
Person 3: I like eggs.
by Psudonym1212 June 21, 2009
The most common password used in a password crackers password list.

Also the most common password used in a password crackers password list.
website: llama-lovers.com
SN - joejoe69
PW - qwerty

This is just an example
Slapping your hand against your keyboard in an expression of derpy fear.
"Bro, I can't watch Slenderman. It makes me so qwerty. If ya know what I mean!"

"Geez, bro. That movie just.... qwerty....qwerty."
by Sunstreaker November 17, 2012

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