A form of writer's block where the writer can't think of anything to say and just types letters from the top line of the keyboard in an attempt to spark creativity.
Lam stared at the monitor, fingers poised above the keyboard. Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) had begun, but the muse was a fickle beast, today serving a constipated narrative flow. Not a single word came to mind. QWERTY, Lam wrote. QWERTY. QWERTY, QWERTY until the timer dinged, signaling a half-hour had passed, and Les shut down the computer and left the house to go to work.
by Actsolotl May 20, 2010
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QWERTY is the keyboard layout in the U.S for most keyboards. This layout was used in early typing days to slow down typists in order to have the typewriter in use not jam as often due to lack of typist's speed. QWERTY is named as such because "Q.W.E.R.T.Y" are the first 6 letters on the keyboard. (See DVORAK for information on a different layout.)
QWERTY layouts are still widely used because no one wants to stress over changing to the more effecient DVORAK.
by Jason October 18, 2004
Qwerty is actually an acceptable word in Scrabble. It's "a standard English keyboard"
Well, considering you can use the word "aarrghh" in Scrabble, qwerty's not too unbelievable.
by Swirly Manson October 14, 2004
The most used password for anything
bob password is "qwerty"
by Monkey February 26, 2005
A keyboard originally created to slow down typists in the old days of typewriters becuase they broke the typewriters by typing too fast. Now there isn's a problem of breaking a keyboard but it is still used and is the same design that was used to slow down those typists decades ago. Why it is still in use is a mystery.
Those typists are breaking all the typewriters by typing too fast, what should we do?
Invent a qwerty key layout to slow them down
by mr x February 11, 2004
If your looking this up then obviously it's because you saw it already typed out for you on your keyboard and thought it was interesting to type into urban dictionary while you were surfing the internet for porn...
Bored... wonder what I can pointlessly look up on Urban Dictionary for a good laugh...*Gets ready to type* OMG! *types Qwerty*

*Well this is a disappointment...*
by B_Dash1 November 16, 2009
QWERTY is a secret code word used by pedofiles and porn junkies. It is added to the end of file names as a method to return more porn results when using file sharing programs such as WINMX. Also used to disguise illegal child porn files.
If you can't find the porno your looking for, just try searching for "QWERTY."

Save the file as Big Booty Girl Qwerty.pic. It will get more hits that way.
by No Limit Soldier June 06, 2006
A word that you type in google when your boredom levels are criticaly high and you need something to do before your head explodes. this is normally at school.
person 1.what can i do?!??!

person 2. have you tried typing qwerty into google?
person 1. no, i'll try it
by i'mboredtoo1 June 08, 2009
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