A better way to spell cutie
Hey that girl over there is a real qt.
by ProNoah November 28, 2010
q t
shortened way to say cutie
talk to you later qt
by kayla1731 August 19, 2005
Abbreviation for the word 'cutie' and/or a quick way describe something 'cute'.
Wow have you seen that girl Ayian? What a qt!
by Ayian April 26, 2011
Quit Talking. Speak one more word and face my wrath.
QT right now before I get ghetto on your ass
by bigbrewmeister July 01, 2014
a lazy way to say "Cutie" via text message.
Usually used by black guys, wanna be gangsta rich boys or guys who are to lazy and dumb to spell out C-U-T-I-E to describe a nice looking girl.
guy: "hi QT how u doin?"
girl: "You're dumb, learn how to spell :]"
by asdfghjklTumblraddict July 02, 2010
1: "like my bag? ;)"
2: "it's qt. ;)"
by annihilated February 13, 2010
abbreviation for cutie.
andrew is such a q.t. & i love himm.
by ?Briiige April 16, 2006

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