a abriviation term used to say cute or super cute if a guy tells a girl in a note that she is a QT that means he is interested but you need totake precaution
OMG he is such a QT
by reJghsdfbsudibfsk July 10, 2008
phrase meaning quiet tongue and often used with the word *on* and meaning being quiet when referring to secrets, gossip, or lies.
Since Tyrone showed up with the new purple 05 Cadillac with thin tires and spinner, silver wheels, he's been on the qt even with Brie Ann.
by Richard Black June 04, 2005
qt means cutie. It was originated in Hempfield, PA by Lorenzo Maione and James Vaccare.
Kathryn Nicole Mattey is a qt.
by AqtfromHempfield January 22, 2011
QT stands for "quiet tip" ya schmucks. (Though the other definition is almost correct, since "tip" refers to the tip of a tongue)

This phrase spawned "on the bomb tip" by rappers, to mean the opposite of keeping quiet; rather, something "poppin" or "off the hook." This phrase is also a play on the phrase "bomb tip" in the sense of a tip to the police about a bomb (which would understandably cause a wild scene or commotion)
"I'm tryna keep this party on the qt, man"
"Fuck that noise, homeboy, this shit gon' be off the hook"
by Lampz February 02, 2009
Stands for Quik Trip, a convenience store/ gas station that caters to the dumbest, meanest, most ruthless peices of shit that society has to offer.
"I am a junior attending a major state university, with a double major in Chemistry and Forensic Science, and I come to work to answer the question 'Yo, can I git a blunt stick?'"
by thenextunibomber February 27, 2005
q t
something really nice, sexy
my girl is really q t
by Groller Geza September 30, 2005
Quick Tip - advice given in a concise, fast way.
When top management visits the store, the Q.T. is go anonymously to get the true situation.
by wavedeva January 02, 2007
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