Stands for 'quilt time', meaning to have 'fun' in bed
''Let's go for some qt''
by miss qt April 21, 2011
An abbreviation for the word "cutie." Used to describe pretty girls with ponytails.
Wow! That girl is such a QT! I'd tap that for real.
by Wawizzle March 18, 2007
"QT" stands for the quality time a guy is close to a girl in which he hopes to be rewarded one day. Be careful as guys often put in the "qt" without receiving anything in return and are stuck in the friends stage of the relationship. Women should realize these types of relationships and stop leading the guy on..
"He sure put in the qt for the booty."
by i r sucker June 27, 2005
QT stands for Qualification Test. Term usually used in the military.
My friend didn't pass the QT for the armed forces.
by Bubu December 28, 2004
Quicktime. A program made by Apple.
This is a quicktime file.
by E Lin November 10, 2003
short for quentin tarantino, often used by the "true" fans, or at least the lazy ones.
"QT is one ugly mother"
"Whatever dude, his movies rock."
by xblackmamba06 May 23, 2004
The guy in 2ge+her that died from lung disease.
Whoa, did you know that QT died?!
by Sam June 13, 2004

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