An affectionate word for someone with a good body and/or personality.
That QT over ther totally wants you!
by ERY April 21, 2005
a lazy way to say "Cutie" via text message.
Usually used by black guys, wanna be gangsta rich boys or guys who are to lazy and dumb to spell out C-U-T-I-E to describe a nice looking girl.
guy: "hi QT how u doin?"
girl: "You're dumb, learn how to spell :]"
by asdfghjklTumblraddict July 02, 2010
q t
Quick Trip gas stations in St. Louis mo. They used to have awesome sandwiches for a dollar, but then they jacked the prices. Plus its a police sub station. I miss the old variety of sandwiches.
"Let's hit up q t on a munchie run, plus I need gas."
by Dooberoso September 09, 2006
Acronym for Quality Time. Time spent one on one with a dear friend or loved one.
I'm so glad I got some QT with my boyfriend this weekend. He's been gone for two weeks on business and I missed our chats.
by Baby2014 October 24, 2013
QuickTrip, a famous gas station, but could also mean Cutie.
Let's go to QT and get some snacks.
Hey QT, wanna go out?
by TTGX12 June 20, 2013
An abbreviation for "quality time", denoting the hanging out of ONLY two people, usually in an effort to continue building the relationship.
I asked Mom if she wanted all of us to come over, but she just wanted some QT with me.
by clifting December 07, 2011
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