It was explained to me as an emoticon in Nitto Legends


With the QQ being boxing gloves. People that fight and b*tch and generally should just quit.
RandomNoob: This game sucks and I hate you all
protectmeaura: Q(-_-Q) moar kid you look dumb. QQ
by protectmeaura August 07, 2012
Used in instant messaging a lot that usually means a crying face. Also used as ;_; ;.; :'( q.q p.p b.b d.d Q.Q and P.P
Girl: You jerk! I can't believe you cheated on me after we've been going out for 5 years q.q!!!! Guy:Uh, shit happens? lol
by Tekkerson May 08, 2006
A way of greeting some in Counter-Strike. Originated from Russian servers.
player 1: qq all
player 2: q
player 3: qq
player 4: ку ку здарова братишь
by gantela August 22, 2012
Tencent QQ, generally referred to as QQ, is the most popular free instant messaging computer program in Mainland China. The original name of QQ was OICQ (Open ICQ) when it was initially developed by Tencent Inc. in February 1999. However, because of the possible trademark infringement with another popular instant messenger (ICQ), and also the fact that neither the program nor the protocol is considered "open", Tencent changed its name to QQ.

The lastest version of QQ is QQ2006, while there are several other verions operational at the same time. Like ICQ, QQ members are identified by unique numerical QQ numbers.

Although used mainly in Mainland China, QQ also finds its popularity in South Africa and there are already servers established in SA too.
(In some Chinese chatrooms, these lines may be seen frequently) 'Can you give me your QQ number?'/'Can I have your QQ number?'
by Stanley Wang October 01, 2006
Abbreviation of Quick Question.
Amir: Jake! QQ - are we going to the D's! 2nite!?

Jake: No.
by Suetonius November 02, 2009
To have a question; Another name for a question; A universal response word.
Izzy has a qq about the homework
Ron has a qq about the grammar
by bretth18 December 17, 2010
QQ is actually a counter strike noob action. Counter Strike noobs will randomly spam the "q" button which causes them to switch between their primary weapon and secondary pistiol and/or knife. The only time the QQ move is allowed is when someone is using an AWP (sniper rifle), this reduces the time from going into scope and also allows for the occasional no scope using the crosshair of your secondary as a placemarker. The reason why not to do QQ is simple, you are much more likely to be killed, when instead you sohuld be paying attention to your surroundings.
by Dindian June 02, 2009
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