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When a girl has intercourse with many different male partners vigorously, creating a puss and sperm filled jello-like substance that brews inside the female's meat flaps. Once nice and warm, the female then releases the goo onto one lucky male's chest, hereafter referred to as "the Turkish Omelette."

To complete the act of the Turkish Omelette, the other male partners share the Turkish Omelette in equal portions until it is all gone.
"Hey Steve, do you feel like making some Turkish Omelette's tonight? I'm hungry!"

by Glimpze740 July 10, 2008
Where you round up a group of mentally deficient and physically deformed children and keep them in a small cage until they begin to fight eachother. The "cowboys" who planned the sloth rodeo then bets on which one is the last sloth standing. Minimum buy in of 10 dollars.
"Doofy McStevens is the sloth rodeo winner! He wins a trip to the bottom of the ocean!"
by Glimpze740 July 10, 2008
Everyone thinks a standard tanning bed gives the darkest and richest shade around, but those who think that have never experienced the Taliban Tan. It is the shade of skin you have after it is melted by radiation from a bomb that exploded near your tiny little village.

"Iraq is the best location for Taliban Tans. be sure to wear sunblock! Sun poisoning leads to war."
by Glimpze740 July 10, 2008
the stuff that squirts out when you elbow drop a pregnant womans stomach.
"Macho Man Randy Savage did a seminar at the maternity ward last week and there are still thumpfluid stains all over the walls."
by glimpze740 July 03, 2008
This is a homosexual competition in which two gay male partners have anal intercourse with eachother until their fecal matter is in one compacted ball and ready to explode out of the anus. Both partners then lay down right next to one another on their stomachs. They then shove their testicles up between their legs forming a "mini-ramp" next to the anus.

The goal of this competition is to shoot the compacted shit-ball off of the testicles and see who ramps it the farthest. Loser of the competition eats both of the shit-balls.
person 1: "Why does that faggot have brown teeth?"

person 2: "He lost the Baltic Mini-Ramp last night. What a fag!"

by glimpze740 July 03, 2008
a nice and warm swirl of sperm from at least 4 different races and 2 different generations of people. This normally takes place once a year in your mom's anus.
"Are you going to attend the liquid festival this year? your mom is going to be there!"
by Glimpze740 July 10, 2008
When you are having intercourse doggie style at a tempo of over 200 bpms, and your penis loses control and penetrates the anus and vagina furiously. One experienced in act of the Hungarian Polka can alternate between the two orifices one thrust at a time, without looking.
"While having sex with my wife last night, I was jamming some death metal on my ipod and start doing the Hungarian Polka. However, I accidentally got poo in my wife's vagina and she got vaginitis."
by Glimpze740 July 10, 2008

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