1. a fart from a male's urethra, similar to a qweef

2. penisfart

-often used as a negative term for a retard or dumbass
1. Guy 1 "Dude, i just pweefed in class and it sounded like high pitch air being let out of a balloon."
Guy 2 "Haha that's fucking awesome dude!"

2. "Matt you fucking pweef, you just dropped the bong!"
by IanBoulder November 13, 2007
Top Definition
A burst of gas that is expelled from the Penis. See qweef
After we had a good time fucking, I let out a nice pweef on her face.
by Kristof T January 22, 2006
A goody-goody nerd who thinks he has all the answers. Often asks questions in class just to hear himself/herself speak.
"I can't believe he was asking questions about the final on the first day, what a pweef.
by laxbro88 December 27, 2010
a release of built up air exiting from the tip of the penis.
I was a little embarrased when Karen prepared to give me a wang suck and I let out pweef in her eye.
Lucky for her it wasn't a beef-pweef- not a pretty scent...
by privatemike September 07, 2009
when a girl tries to queef and ends up peeing a little; similar to a shart.
Oh no! I smell pee, I think that Daisy just let out a pweef!
by Jamye August 12, 2009
When a chick lets out a queef while on her period.
Fogle thought queefing was cool so she tried to do it while she was on her period. She let out a pweef instead. She is nasty.
by Bugina July 20, 2008
A fart that exits from the vagina. A pussy fart.
After I porked my girlfriend, she let out a nice pweef.
by Kristof T January 22, 2006
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