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an insulting term for dreadlocks, named after their resemblance to wind chimes but made of poo.
the hippy broke his neck when one of his longest poo chimes got caught in the rear wheel of his bicycle, it was gross.
by privatemike August 26, 2009
a release of built up air exiting from the tip of the penis.
I was a little embarrased when Karen prepared to give me a wang suck and I let out pweef in her eye.
Lucky for her it wasn't a beef-pweef- not a pretty scent...
by privatemike September 07, 2009
a person who's main course of study is the penis, and constantly flaunts his penis knowledge to others.
Dennis Rodman: I know more about penis than anyone in this room. I bet you couldn't even locate the seminal vesical.

preist: That may be true Mr. Rodman, but there is no reason to act like a penius during Sunday mass.
by privatemike September 17, 2009

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