When you slaughter your opponent in any game or sport
Friend: You was ballin'? How was the game?
Me: I was puttin' in work as usual.
by Locohama June 17, 2009
Top Definition
To either purchase or be fronted drugs to sell for profits

chump: yo man they got job offerings at walmart
OG: fuck that we already puttin in work; copped a ki last week and we sittin on 20gs nigga


"you see dem boyz on the corner slangin? they puttin in work for papi"
by wza August 09, 2005
1)To sell drugs to get money.
usually when your broke
but not always.

2) what is actually says.
doesnt matter what you do for a livin
1) damn bro i gotta find a job. . .
naw homie, start puttin in work again.

2) ey' yo you got anythin to do today my man?
yeah i gotta go put in work.
by therealtalknig9a January 02, 2008
1. to shank a fellow prisnor
2. to kill in prison to improve one's reputation
He cut me in line for the telephone, so I had to be puttin in work on him.
by BennyDubs April 19, 2006
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