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selling cocaine or other narcotics
also having intercourse with many females
"i be on the block slangin that rock all day"
"the hoes know i be slangin that dick"
by Hollis February 08, 2003
sell drugs
he started slangin at a young age
by Bokeem March 23, 2003
To Sell. Another form of Hustlin.
I'm always out there slangin thangs to make ends meet.
#slangin #slanging #hustlin #hustling #jookin #jooking
by C. Javier August 24, 2006
slangin: usually refering to street sales. mainly drugs but can mean selling any item.
yo you been slangin' them fake C.D.'s

yeah that fool got caught up for slangin' them rocks!

man I have been slangin' candy since i was young yo!
by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee May 18, 2005
Slangin' in this sense does not have a drug reference, it's more to decribe the indescribable aspects of getting some. You know those nights when you just don't quite remember how it happened, who it happened, or with whom you really wanted it to happen just know it happened and you are the man/woman for it.
"Yo Kels, went out last night met some boy, let's just say I was slangin' " (note: usually followed by high fives or get the phrases "get some" or "girls gotta eat" )


Your sitting on the balcony of your apartment and your roommate comes home clearly dressed in last nights outfit and may or may not be wearing see her/him and scream "Slangin'"...they know what's up
#getting some #nasty times #high fives #crying #unsweet nights
by nassstttyyyyasiwannabe September 29, 2009
Slangin' means selling anything to make ends meet or for a little extra cash. It doesn't have to be drugs, it can be electronics, clothes or food... although it usually refers to the selling of drugs. See the movie: Baby Boy
I was tryin' to slang those stolen clothes from the warehouse for a little extra money. I was slangin' yayo all day.
#drugs #stealing #selling #stolen #money
by the karethrix May 28, 2011
sellin crack-rock to the fiends
"Standin on the corner straight slangin rocks" - Eazy-E
#crack #rock #slangin #eazy e #standin
by KeZzAnz June 23, 2007
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