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7 definitions by wza

To be in a dominating position where one has total or a large share of control over an industry, business, enterprise or most often a drug spot.

Chump: Yo look at that Escalade on 22s, that must be the cash money millionaires
Lil Nigga: Nah that's poppi, he runs shit down on 25th son


"You think this is a joke motherfucker? I RUN shit, not you. The game is MINE! (shoots competition in the face)"
by wza August 06, 2005
An oz of any drug although usually pertaining to marijuana. Note: A Z unit containes 28 G units.
"yo how much is it for a z unit?"

"whattup homie can I cop a Z unit?"
by wza August 05, 2005
Someone who sells marijuana and also possesses gangster like qualities. Literally a combination of dank and gangster.
"ayo let me holla at my nigga for that zip, he's the #1 dankster round here"

Customer: Whattup danksta?
Dankster: How much you need cuz?
by wza August 06, 2005
To either purchase or be fronted drugs to sell for profits

chump: yo man they got job offerings at walmart
OG: fuck that we already puttin in work; copped a ki last week and we sittin on 20gs nigga


"you see dem boyz on the corner slangin? they puttin in work for papi"
by wza August 09, 2005
Short for customs.
"Nigga is you crazy? You aint makin it through custies with a suitcase full of blow"

"Man.. I just got popped tryin to smuggle some dope through custies"
by wza August 06, 2005
street slang used by drug dealers and buyers to refer to digital scales used for weighing out product
"yo nigga you ain't seeing no money till I see that shit on a skeezy"

"you better skeez that shit out man it looks short"

"When you got a real connect you buy lbs of that haze and you never even need a skeezy"
by wza August 05, 2005
Cocaine. Derived from the other slang term blow and combined with snoop's language fo sheezy.
"Yo im bout to do some bleezy, want a line my neezy?"

Dealer: I just copped 2 pies
Small Timer: Oh what kind? Apple or Blueberry?
Dealer: Nah mothafucker 2 ozs of bleezy...
by wza August 06, 2005