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A nick-name or "Pet-Name" that some use to refer to, or to call, their boyfriend/girlfriend.
"I love you so much Punkin"
"Dude, I love Stevi, she's my Punkin"
by Kellen S. July 12, 2006
An annoying slang term for "pumpkin". People say it all the time because they're too lazy to actually pronounce all the syllables in "pumpkin".
Her: I love eating punkin pie.
Him: Stop saying 'punkin'. It's not 'punkin', it's 'pumpkin'.
by kdepa November 27, 2006
A term on endearment for gourds around the world
Oh, what a cute punkin. Can we carve it mommy?
by Bungalow Bill November 02, 2001
Prison slang for making someone your bitch
Yo-yo check it bro I been punkin little Stevie out for the last week.
by DirtySouthFL December 21, 2015
The sweetest, most beautiful little girl in the world!
I love you punky!
by Nana October 30, 2003
It's street slang for Pumpkin.
Are we getting a punkin for halloween?
by salieoop October 24, 2015
awesome, uber cool, The highest state of coolness. Only to be used by Punks or Stoners
Dude, that dealy bopper is so punkin'
by EvlBloodyMary March 24, 2003
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