See pumpkin.
What up punky?
by MBR May 26, 2003
A group of punks: Singular - punk. Plural - punkin. Makes it hard cos they all get their spikes stuck to each others safety pins. Dangerous at night cos they all wear black so you don't see them until you're impaled on the spikes.
check out that punkin coming down the street, better get outta here before we all lose an eye.
by kat the rat August 13, 2006
Punking, Of a punk nature. Really cool.
Her outfit was incredibly punkin; I couldn't help but ask where she got her armbands.
by Agent Orange April 12, 2005
1. To trick or decieve.

2. To play someone for a fool or idiot

3. To munipulate
punkin punking
by cocokim July 18, 2009
man dis girl was punkin so i had 2 raise my pimp hand
by P.I.M.P September 26, 2003
uncontrollable firing of anal sphincter, indicative of an urgent need to drop a deuce.
I better hurry up and take the dog out, her asshole's punkin
by squaredealb August 15, 2003
A vegitabal that you can chunk, but remember you can not chuck one only chunk
im guna chunk dat punkin at da house
by Lord Gorlok May 03, 2004

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