A kid with abnormally large triceps that hits hard on the football field. There has been a specific case where a guy died from putting his head next to Pudge's triceps and him flexing.
I'm gonna go chill with Pudge todayy, hopefully his triceps don't kill me
by Youalreadyknowwhatitiss December 13, 2010
Top Definition
A orange and blue fish from Lilo and Stitch. He controls the weather. Eats a peanut butter sandwich every Thursday.
Pudge Controls The Weather.
by PdgCntrlsTheWthr January 19, 2009
Belly fat; the fat over your abs. For an extreme amound of pudge, more u's can be added for emphasis (puuuuuuudge).
That girl is way to big to be wearing that little shirt. Look at all the pudge hanging out!

My God! That's not pudge. That's puuuuudge.
by Cory Crowe July 16, 2005
The fat and ugly pink-skinned monster brandishing a cleave and a hook-chain in the popular Warcraft III mod "Defense of the Ancients (aka DOTA)".
Guy1: Who's your favorite DOTA character?

Guy2: Pudge.
by jkjensen December 04, 2008
The stuff that's not really fat and not really muscle, usually found in a roll around the midsection where the "rock hard abs" would be located if the "rock hard abs" existed. Pudge does not jiggle of its own accord, but is pokeable. Pudge is usually found on girls of medium size without too much mucle mass.

Often made worse by wearing skinny jeans or belly shirts, during which time it can be confused with a muffin top.
Suzy: I hate these jeans! They fit me great, but they give me such bad pudge!

Mary: Pudge?

Suzy: Yeah. You know, the stuff on your stomach that's like ... not really fat.
by Charline November 29, 2007
that big bulk of reanimated carcass that tries to hook you in Warcraft DOTA.
"I got hooked by pudge!"
by gavendhal February 02, 2009
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