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Remnant substance left over from vaporizing marijuana buds; usually light brown in color and smells vaguely of popcorn. Not particularly useful in and of itself but can be used in an isopropyl or butane extraction to make low-grade hash oil suitable for making potent edibles.
Tap that neep out, I'm going to do another vape hit.
by Johnny Rico March 24, 2007
1. An expression of confusion when a situation is viewed that is not understood completely.

2. Can also be used when you would like clarification of a term or phrase.

3. Can be an expression of excitement

4. Can be an expression of sadness

5. Can be used as a "filler"

6. Used to sing song lyrics when not entirely known

amongst numerous other potential uses.
1. "Can you tell him she said I said to say he wants me to do the thing" .. "neep?"

2. "Do you understand" .. "neep :( "

3. "Ice Cream for everyone!" .. "NEEP!"

4. "No icecream for anyone" .. "neep :( "

5. "neep then I said neep neep like say neep whatever"

6. "I like big neeps and I cannot lie, you other neeps can't deny. When a neep walks in with that little neepy neep you get neeped!"
by neepster April 11, 2013
Scottish word for Turnip or Swede...
"Neeps and Tatties" is often served with Haggis, and is especially popular on Burn's Night...

There is a lot of disagreement on whether a neep is actually a turnip or a swede...but is used to describe both.

If you go to the BBC food website, you can find a recipe for Neeps & Tatties
by Flook666 May 14, 2010
Neeps an old Scottish slang word for mashed turnip, a root vegetable
"on rabbie burns night, you eat Haggis, Neeps and Tatties"
on Robert Burns night, you eath Haggis, Mashed Turnip and Mashed Potatos
by Scotlands Voice September 02, 2012
A super tiny frog that is less than a centimeter in length.
Oh snap, there's a neep on my finger!!!
by blahneepblah June 14, 2009
A period of sleep or a nap that is more than two hours and less than five hours. Very popular with college students.
Man I neeped so long i missed my class
by shadow goddess February 25, 2012
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