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A too easy task or job for a REAL man to do. It can be used in jest or serioulsy about a coworker or friend or even an enemy.
Stupid goober, you always take the pud job.
by old49er July 16, 2010
Colloquial term for 'breasts'.
Harold: Aw mate, nice girlfriend.
Jerome: Yeah, she's got killer puds.
by Josef Von Haabermaster May 29, 2010
The entirety of the male genitalia. Clutching the "pud" would entail grabbing your entire sac as well as your penis.
"Wanna suck my pud?"
by professeur March 02, 2009
a man's flaccid penis
kenny sat at home all day and pulled his pud.
by ole dirty bastard January 10, 2007
Shortend form of the word pudendum: the external genital organs of a woman. (Vulgar)
Whoa, look at that chick sitting over there! You can see her pud!
by Hey-Johnny-Johnny May 29, 2006
sideways inside out furry vagina, pickled in semen and smelling of vinegar

pronunciation: sounding like could with a P
That nasty whore had a PUD!
by Andrew Nurtz April 13, 2006
A pud is a male person who has a baby face and who's hips are wider than his shoulders. He basically has a pear shaped body with a baby face. Also describes a person with a pudley build. Often combined with a few other words, such as pudley shmuckster or pudley shmucktologist.
Look at that pud standing over there going through the lesbian videos...He probably has nightly fantasies of taking a big 15" strap-on in his butt.
by Knocker Walker December 19, 2005