P.U.D. is the acronym given to the condition of Post University Depression, a condition picked up by Uni leavers across the country who are suffering from the University lifestyle (drinking regularly, having no responsibility and being a general lazy bugger.)

P.U.D. is contagious and can be spread by spending to much time in the proximity of carriers.

There are a few known treatments for P.U.D. these are; getting on it, Pro Evo 5 (Master League only,) topping yourself and the most important of the lot sleeping with disgusting individuals! Sufferers of P.U.D. can never completely rid themselves of the disease, but it can be kept under control by a combination of these treatments.
I've finished my degree and can't even get a job in Tesco's, its giving me major P.U.D.

The only job I'll be getting any time soon is full time time PUD!

I'm getting absolutely mortal tonight and then i'm gonna root some absolute dogs, it should sort out my P.U.D. at least for a night anyway!
by eltrain05 September 25, 2011
Penis Mud.

Dick Dirt.

Those with a foreskin are the only ones who can posses penis mud.

The penis mud (lint, dirt, seamen) is stored between the foreskin and penis.
Once he pulled his foreskin down, pud oozed out like a push pop.
by The Pud dr. January 16, 2011
Usually used when someone is being an idiot.
You sir... are a Pud
by Super Sexy Boogeyman Slaya December 02, 2010
A too easy task or job for a REAL man to do. It can be used in jest or serioulsy about a coworker or friend or even an enemy.
Stupid goober, you always take the pud job.
by old49er July 16, 2010
A very prissy, weak man of no masculine character at all. Totally void of toughness.
John wad is such a pud.
by Dynodikk June 09, 2009
-someone who doesn't have their shit together, useless.
-a fat whale.
-one who is undesirable, ugly, & most of all, stupid
-What the fuck do you think you're doing, pud; get outtaa herreee?
-Quick blocking the sun pudzillawhale!
by sunshiineekid January 14, 2009
a man's flaccid penis
kenny sat at home all day and pulled his pud.
by ole dirty bastard January 10, 2007

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