A very prissy, weak man of no masculine character at all. Totally void of toughness.
John wad is such a pud.
by Dynodikk June 09, 2009
a man's flaccid penis
kenny sat at home all day and pulled his pud.
by ole dirty bastard January 10, 2007
Shortend form of the word pudendum: the external genital organs of a woman. (Vulgar)
Whoa, look at that chick sitting over there! You can see her pud!
by Hey-Johnny-Johnny May 29, 2006
A slang term for a girls menstrual cycle
"I've got my puds this week, and I'd promised Tam a ride. Thats our plans out the window"
by Jack Flasher June 27, 2005
Pud (v)

To pull something, usu. abstract. Tug, yank, exflextorate mercilessly.
He pudded mightily, but to no avail. It would not leave his subconscious.
by Uncle Marvo June 24, 2005
short for pudendum which is the human external genitals, especially of a woman.
The camel toes formed by her pud in that bikini were extraordinary.
by Bing82 May 18, 2005
Post-urinal drip. The urine that lands in your underwear after you shake your dick at the stalls.
"Hey dude, your pants are wet"
"Oh, damnit! I hate p.u.d."
by Mad Maximillion March 07, 2012

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