sideways inside out furry vagina, pickled in semen and smelling of vinegar

pronunciation: sounding like could with a P
That nasty whore had a PUD!
by Andrew Nurtz April 13, 2006
The penis of a pathetic human specimen.
What are you going to do all day sit inside and whack your pud?
by blindspot February 17, 2005
PUD was a word that was invented by two teenage boys in Des Moines in the summer of 1965. Like Cartman in South Park, Don and Kenny, decided to make a word. The word was to be

an alternative name for the PENIS. Their favorite saying at that time was "pound your Pud". This was an attempt to see
if they could accomplish something that could catch on and gain
its own life. Through the years they found it in print and heard
it in speech. Their hope is that there is something else they could be remembered for.
by Jerry Magilicuddy May 29, 2011
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods is a pud.
by fuck tiger December 11, 2009
A person that can't hold his weed smoke.
We just smoked like 3 bongs and that pud Ben T. threw up and shit.
by D robot January 30, 2009
After you shake it and like 2 minutes later you feel a warm sensation in your pants, that's pud. This phenomenon is sometimes caused by a mis-aligned fly which can cut off the flow of the urethra.
by Marklar420 March 30, 2006
a very beaten down automobile or bicycle.
Werd dawg! im bout ta hit up dat pud ova dere.
by werdna April 10, 2005

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