Post urinal drip.

After you pee, sometimes there's a little drippage or leakage coming out of your penis. It's called post-urinal drip. This is common amongst boys and men of all ages. It's the reason why underwear lining is thicker at the front.
Wife: Whoa, did you just pee your pants?
Husband: No.. that's just pud.
Wife: Pud?
Husband: Yes, pud. Post-urinal drip. I just went pee. That's just a little extra leftover that was caught in my urethra.
by ebrian August 17, 2011
Penis Mud.

Dick Dirt.

Those with a foreskin are the only ones who can posses penis mud.

The penis mud (lint, dirt, seamen) is stored between the foreskin and penis.
Once he pulled his foreskin down, pud oozed out like a push pop.
by The Pud dr. January 16, 2011
The entirety of the male genitalia. Clutching the "pud" would entail grabbing your entire sac as well as your penis.
"Wanna suck my pud?"
by professeur March 02, 2009
-someone who doesn't have their shit together, useless.
-a fat whale.
-one who is undesirable, ugly, & most of all, stupid
-What the fuck do you think you're doing, pud; get outtaa herreee?
-Quick blocking the sun pudzillawhale!
by sunshiineekid January 14, 2009
Pud (v)

To pull something, usu. abstract. Tug, yank, exflextorate mercilessly.
He pudded mightily, but to no avail. It would not leave his subconscious.
by Uncle Marvo June 24, 2005
A name for your "UNIT", also a game, and a great band.
"That was one hell of a pud touch J.J. landed on Joe!"
"Pounding the old Pud!"
by LUCKY December 18, 2002
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