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Old ladies car. - Driven slow - Grannys car
You see that prudy. That girl needs a new whip.
by A E April 14, 2008
prudy - defined as the ultimate preatty. a word used by people who think its cool to spell the word wrong even tho they sound like morons
He/she is so prudy

im an ugly f*ck so my kid will be prudy
by Chris_the_flirt June 25, 2004
Prudy....aghhhh its a penis get it away from me.....to be against things of which are rude.......chaz
"Ewwwwwww thats sick"
"aggghhhhhh i have breasts mingin"
"(two people having sex) mummy what are they doing "having sex dear" oh my gosh how sick"
by Jase January 17, 2005