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The most wonderful family member of all. Great at sharing. Yet hates to loose... Very thoughtful. Did I mention she is the best Aunt, Daughter, Sister and Golfer in the world?
Kammy has kind of a medium build, great legs, white feet that are sun deprived, awesome hair and STRONG hands.
by momov2ntn February 04, 2010
25 6
A tough Magikoopa who first appeared in Paper Mario, and returned in Paper Mario 2, confirming her right to exist. She's strong, loyal, seems to have a bit of an ego, and doesn't seem to realize that she's getting old.
It's been accepted by some that she's "Kamek's replacement", which I refuse to believe.
Kammy Koopa isn't related to Bowser, ignore the last name.
by Slim November 20, 2004
15 21
a fucking retarted towel headed POONNJABBBBBBBB.
she is uber fucking ugly and she keeps her hair in a drawer.
dont fuck with her she will go on myspace and talk shit and write bulletins about you !:O!and her family works at seven eleven!
"be careful kammy might bomb you!"
by samanthat January 03, 2008
14 67