A place where poor people live which is usually government-owned. The area is filled with drug dealers,
prostitutes and bad violence.
I live in the Queensbridge projects.
by barrington7463 October 07, 2010
the poor, broken down housings where people who dont have enough money live.
i live in the projects with deltan and walter, and we alway ride the ghetto swing
by belchorsomething April 19, 2005
the projects can be anywhere. in florida the projects hallways are out side and the are covered up by a peice of the side of the roof the projects are for people with low income and/or on welfare. projects such as pearl city, boynton bch projects, delray estates, carver estates,ect
yo i grew up in pearl city on wel-fare ya feel me
by SLASH.P March 06, 2005
where i live...not that great, but better then nothin...lots of po' folk,gangstas, an rich white people gettin lost r stupid enough to ask 4 directions
O shit son, look! anotha white cracker lost in the projects! yo ima get his wallet u get his BMW
by daaaamn July 01, 2004
When you see a girl that has potential to be good looking but she might be a little chubby or need some work on her. A guy takes her as a project and turns her into a good looking girl.
Jon: Hey Shane can that girl be a project for you ?
Shane: I don't know tough to say, might be beyond repair.
by avik86 February 02, 2011
Housing where poor people live, occupied by crack junkies, gangstas and others.
Glenwood projects, Queensbridge, Redlight..
by teh tequila December 04, 2004
A dangerous place to live even though everybody wishes they lived there its fun to go there if you know enough people
Some projects in NYC are:
Queensbridge, Stapleton, Marcy, Audubon Houses, Brevoort, Lefrak, Sumner Houses, Soundview, Redhook, South Jamaica Houses
by Adept March 31, 2005

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