I read recently in a history book on my local town how the origin of this word came to be. After World War II, the returning soldiers (who left as boys & returned as young men) wanted to get married, have children (hence the baby boomers) and have a house of their own. However, up until this time the economy was tanked due to the great depression, and house construction pretty much was at a stand-still due to the massive amount of men who were away at war. When they returned, there was a HUGE demand for housing, and so housing authorities were formed to figure out ways to supply houses for them. So, initially, these houses were meant as low income houses for veterans. Eventually as the veterans moved away, we ended up with what today is low income housing. The word "Projects" actually came from the housing authorities, as the first set was referred to as "The Project"
The housing authority is working on building low income houses, and the first of these "projects" is set to be built next year.
by Tim W. October 19, 2006
A complicated, cumbersome, needlessly difficult small piece of work that is bloated by inefficiency, juicing and in general people trying to justify their jobs
Joe: Can you work on this project deploying widgits to the poor for me?
Frank: Why the fuck don't you just have them come get them instead of wasting time and money you fucking tool?
by Deiter007 March 04, 2010
1. An area where everyone is broke and has no money, needs to survive on welfare and Medicaid, yet strangely has enough money to buy a TV set larger than the biggest wall in your house with a sound system to match.
2. A place that smells like piss, cheap alcohol, and unidentified cooking that smells like onion soup mix doused with farts.
3. Where you want to drop off those annoying middle class gangsta wannabe's at the mall for a couple of hours.
1. Yeah, he's broke, lives in the projects, got no job, is on welfare and gets food stamps, but I swear he's got an IMAX theatre in his place.
2. Hmmm, I smell urine, Steel Reserve, and someone's cooking that would cause Rosie O'Donnell to turn her nose up. I must be in the projects.
3. "Yo, lets grab that 'straight ass thug' Trevor and Brett over there and drop them off in the projects for an hour and watch their asses get jumped."
by nyc14gauge September 02, 2008
A place where crime is in it's highest, drugs, whores, pimps and gangsters thrive. Hint: if you see two guys walking slowly or suspisiously its best to stay away from them otherwise they will ask you for a dollar and if you dont give them a dollar they would kill you or beat you up
Aww shit... i used to live in cyppress and let me tell you if you dressed "fly" bumz in the projetcs will eventually rob you, Last year some guy was by himself and was wearing jordans and some hoodrats from cyppress came up to him and asked him for his sneakers, he said no, so they beat him up and stabbed himand left him with no neakers... the best thing about the projects was watching these lowlives getting killed and leaving that shithole.
by kingsteven408 June 09, 2010
a evil thing to make good students do given by evil teachers. it wastes time and never learns anything.
Joe: do we have to do this project?
Teacher: yes, do it.
Joe: i won't learn anything.
Teacher: okay, don't do it.
by Alex Kelley May 29, 2008
A cluster of low rent apartments. The projects are known for being rough and rugged. ALl projects have a certain serial number ex Project # 234423455. This is where the term "projects" come from. Projects can be found EVERYWHERE.
I lived in the projects until i turned 20 then i moved out.
by Trevor Hoffler August 12, 2005
a housing unit occupied by poor people.
billy lived in the projects
by sarah March 07, 2003

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