A dangerous place to live even though everybody wishes they lived there its fun to go there if you know enough people
Some projects in NYC are:
Queensbridge, Stapleton, Marcy, Audubon Houses, Brevoort, Lefrak, Sumner Houses, Soundview, Redhook, South Jamaica Houses
by Adept March 31, 2005
Where you grew up your whole life; Trying to make the best with what you got you dont need no cable outchea jump off the porch thats entertainment; We got them block partys going on where we just wild out; Fam chills and kicks it on the porch where shit get rowdy when the street lights come on; Where 5-0 doesn't belong' Where NOBODY likes/ fucks with 5-0 ; 5-0 try to come get you or follow you projects everybody know everybody your dawgs got you. Where females talk greezy out their cum guzzlin traps where mostly all ni**as "think" they can play every female & never find out yeah right anything and everything is heard! if you well known ;]
Projects basically our home; Wu-tang, Bop, Bootyy dance Etcc;
projects; city slumm
by Im Herrr Mrs.239 April 01, 2009

synonyms: the p.j.s, govm't housin

Low income housing for ghetto ass people.
Craig and little Ray Ray grew up in the Fort Green Projects.
by B April 15, 2004
Genital area, vagina or penis.
"Get your hand out of your projects, thats nasty!"
by Gabe Salivate October 24, 2008
code word used by many to "jack off"
you would say this to your parents before he/she leaves for work and asks you to do your homework. You reply sure, ill be glad to do my projects while your gone like a good boy.
by ROSEN November 06, 2006
noun. The person that one wants to get with. Often used by those who want to sound cool but also use the word chill. In every sentence.
"dude how's the project going?"
"it's pretty chillin' man, we'll be hookin up by tommorrow night"
by M00n Pr0ject October 16, 2006
a hypocrite, mostly; anyone who gives up his or her personality to fit in to a group; a labeller.
preppies, chongas, and all the labels exist cause of projects.

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