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An easy way of verbally expressing the prefix of website addresses (WWW.)

Derived from:

TRiple doUBLe yoU DOT

Pro. Trubb-le-you-dot
"My web address is trubbludot.sharkietour.com"
by Sharkietour February 08, 2010
Singular / Collective noun.

Pro. Pro-ject-ear

The name given to either a person or group of people of differing levels in a project environment.
"Dave is a projecteer on the new server contract"

"Call a meeting, get all the projecteers in here"
by Sharkietour February 08, 2010
Adj. Root: debacle

Pro. De-bark-u-lar

Present or past tense of a debacle.
"The party was debacular"

"This gig is debacular"
by sharkietour February 08, 2010
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